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Yukie, from Tokio – Japan,( 40 years)


During the experience  I  had a regresión  traveling back to when I  was a fetus, and way back to another life. I saw myself in another life, 4 years old. There was destruction all around me and I was looking for my mom, but she was not there and I knew I have been abandoned.

Then I traveled back to another life and  I saw myself as a 10 day old baby. I was left in front of church, abandoned.

In this life while my mother was pregnant several times she nearly lost me and giving birth I passed out because the umbilical …..was several times around my neck.

And then I understood that I didn`t want to be born because of fear to be abandoned again. And suddenly I understood everything in my life, like lots of pieces of a puzzle suddenly fit together and everything made sense.

2. Ceremony

The baby from the last experience appeared again living inside of me. I realized that I have been this baby in another life. .Then I understood that that was the origen of all my conflicts. I understood that though the baby was  from another life before I couldn`t let this energy go.

Then I wanted to call  Albert because I felt panic but decided to face it by myself. After some tiem I could accept this part of myself and when I accepted it  disappeared. I was gone.

Later I had to throw up  and after I felt so connected to my body and my big conflict. I felt that the baby represent love and I never felt that I deserved love.

And now I do know that I deserve to be loved.