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Tomako, Japan ( 38 years)

At the beginning I saw a lot of visions. At the end I got afraid because there were so many.

Later I felt that Albert was my father in another life. Then I started talking to him but in another language, I didn`t know which language that was.

In knew I lost my father in another life .And I was in Peru. I knew that the reason why I came here to Peru to do the retreat was to find him. And now I don`t want to lose him again.

In my normal life in Japan I have my family, just a normal family but a part of me always  felt that I wasn`t really part of it. I felt always very very alone. And now that I found my real father I didn`t want to lose him again, so I hugged him so strong while he was holding me in his arms during the ceremony for so long. And I hit him to make sure it was real. And it was right in that moment  I realized how much I have missed him my whole life.

After this I saw lots of births and lots of people dying, birth and death.

2. Ceremony

It is difficult for me to find the right words to describe my second ceremony but basically the experience was peaceful and based on purification of my heart, my body and my soul.

And I`m having a lot of “ dejà  vus” seeing myself here around the fire and other situations knowing that I have lived this before.

And  I feel so peaceful ,  so completely different inside myself , so happy and so grateful.